• Campaign management


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  • Building candidate awareness and support
  • Coaching and counseling candidates seeking or considering running for office
  • Creating public momentum
  • Developing brands for candidates, issues, and causes
  • Organization, structure, and operation of campaigns
  • Creating political loyalty
  • Developing creative marketing
  • Idea innovation and management
  • Media training and relations
  • Speech writing
  • Political campaign collateral materials
  • Other customized services as needed by our clients


Ready to Run? Interested in a campaign but not sure?

Explore, through coaching and counseling, the impact being a candidate and a public office holder will have on your life and that of your family. In order to make the decision, you need to feel comfortable and confident through candid interaction with a knowledgeable political coach. Consider “Introduction to the Campaign” as a brief and inexpensive way to explore your desire to serve and your concerns about “throwing in your hat.”

“The Campaign” in brief:


Branding is not a part of marketing. Branding is setting expectation of deliverables in number, quality, time table, and within budget. It applies to commodities like Coke and Jaguar but also to people. We examine not just what a candidate’s perception of him/herself might be but what others think and qualities that are traditionally the most desirable of an elected official. If work needs to be done, in one area or another, we allow for a schedule to complete that mission before the campaign rollout. Branding assessment and refinement are keys to winning support and the earlier the support the more it will geometrically increase. Branding is the core and distinctive quality that needs to be “right” first. Everything else is operational in executing the brand and campaign logistics.


Marketing is the delivery mechanism of the brand. It is multifaceted as it incorporates handouts, visits, rallies, fund raising, collateral material, advertisements, signs, website presentation, and the ideas offered by the candidate. This also applies to public policy issues and a rebranding of entities that need a “fresh over” in light of an historical event or a change in direction and future aspirations. Citizens want to know: where their city, county, or ISD is going, how will it enhance their quality of life, what is the timeframe and how it will be financed — all with no surprises.

Stimulating Voters

Each campaign has a different demographic that needs different catalysts to drive the vote. An evaluation of all significant voting factors will be incorporated into the campaign plan and tailored to the client’s preferences, current public trends and opinions, market conditions, and budget.


Win or lose, sincere expressions of gratitude should immediately be made to those who voluntarily provided their time and finances to help with the campaign. Creative expressions of appreciation are remembered but sincerity with which a “thank you” is expressed is key to ensuring your supporter is touched. A well executed follow up is as critical as a strong and effective launch. Which precincts voted at a high level and what is their demographic composition? Exit polling in some cases, as well as other methodologies like select focus groups, could be, to varying degrees, important in understanding the voter turnout, win or lose. Historical data is key to running an effective and efficient campaign in the future, either for yourself or someone who offers similar positions on your important issues and principles.