Campaigns & Elections

Ed champions the toughest races – the ones that seem they can’t be won – and sees them through to victory. Contact Ed today to start the conversation about your campaign.


To serve as the pre-eminent political and public policy consultant in North Texas by utilizing the decades of vastly unique experiences of personal consultations with Global Heads of State as well as hundreds of municipal officials. The Group will emphasize municipal policy strategies, expanded tourism and hospitality management, and marketing and branding expertise.

About Ed Griffin

After decades of experience in the political arena, Ed formed the Ed Griffin Consulting Group to serve incumbent public office holders, new candidates, anyone exploring candidacy, and institutions needing assistance with specific support issues such as bond referendums, tourism, or other matters dependent on the citizen’s vote.

Ed’s business model is flexible to match the unique needs of clients.


Explore, through coaching and counseling, the impact of being a candidate and a public office holder will have on your life and that of your family. In order to make the decision you need to feel comfortable and confident through candid interaction with a knowledgeable political coach. 

Services Include, Branding, Marketing, Stimulating Voters, Follow Up and more.