mredAfter decades of experience in the political arena, Ed formed the Ed Griffin Consulting Group to serve incumbent public office holders, new candidates, anyone exploring candidacy, and institutions needing assistance with specific support issues such as bond referendums, tourism, or other matters dependent on the citizen’s vote. Ed’s business model is flexible to match the unique needs of clients. Ed knows every client has a budget in mind for campaign expenses, which Ed and his team hope to enhance with increased contributions. If a budget hasn’t been set, Ed works with clients to develop one based on the needs, timeframe, and expectations. The client is in charge of the campaign. Ed and his team are in charge of client decision execution, event logistics, press releases, strategic recommendations, and developing options and alternatives.

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“Provocative in its analysis, stunning in its conclusions, Leadership: Guaranteeing Sustainable Wins is a bible for leaders everywhere.”


Bestselling author, Political Commentator for Fox News, Executive Director of The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness.

Leadership: Guaranteeing Sustainable Wins clearly defines how and why people develop confidence and trust in others and is a tour guide to knowing how to “win”. Everyone can benefit from this easy to read book on steps to success.

Rudy Gatlin

The Gatlin Brothers

“I believe that his book will be a great resource to individuals in any leadership capacity and in academic programs as we strive to grow minds and stretch making the world better through service to others.”

Dan G. Lunsford, Ed.D ‘69

President, Mars Hill University

U. S. Senator Marco Rubio and Ed Griffin in Dallas discussing innovative policy directions for America and the leadership needed to achieve these initiatives based on solid principles and values.

Co-Founder and President of the Sony Corporation Akio Morita and Ed Griffin as President/CEO of Meeting Professionals International discussing, in Morita’s Tokyo Headquarters, the leadership and vision by global corporate officials necessary to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of events and meetings.

The visible images of America, the Eagle and the Flag of the United States of America.  Unselfish, decisive, responsive, and disciplined leadership with honor is needed in America at all levels of government and throughout the free market system.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, outside of Chequers the official residence, after consulting with Ed Griffin about the loss of tourism and creative ways to enhance this important economic driver in the future.

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